Renewable Root

Music: Aké by Blick Bassy

Music recording from a sermon in 1927 by Rev. Isaiah Shelton titled, The Liar. 

Stamping Ground

Capturing a first instinct

lightly holding the intention still in the mind

then get underneath it

This ground, this clear air

This heavy sound


Seeing only this, unbreakable this

Mediates the senses

held by it.

Music: Langzaam by Ellen Fullman - The Long String Instrument

Collaboration with Dickson Mbi 

Music: Coast to Coast by Peder Mannerfelt 

Throw yourself into the unknown calmly

let your unique strength and character show itself

dig dig dig dig dig dig

never collapsing - meet the space with spring

Know when it is enough

Not you, not I

enough is enough

Sky, Earth

Music: Darha Nopigom: 1. Reverently - Hwang Byungki, Jung-Soo Kim 

Empty body, empty emotion

grow to heart, spirit-energy

dimensions ever-changing

shapeless in shape

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