Music recording of a sermon in 1927 by Rev. Isaiah Shelton titled, The Liar. 

Stamping Ground

Capturing a first instinct

lightly holding the intention still in the mind

then get underneath it

Renewable Root

Music: Aké by Blick Bassy

This ground, this clear air

This heavy sound


Seeing only this, unbreakable this

Mediates the senses

held by it.

Music: Langzaam by Ellen Fullman - The Long String Instrument

Throw yourself into the unknown calmly

let your unique strength and character show itself

dig dig dig dig dig dig

never collapsing - meet the space with spring

Know when it is enough

Not you, not I

enough is enough

Sky, Earth

Music: Darha Nopigom: 1. Reverently - Hwang Byungki, Jung-Soo Kim 

Empty body, empty emotion

grow to heart, spirit-energy

dimensions ever-changing

shapeless in shape

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